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Welcome on our home page,

we, that is Kathrin and John Kobe. We live in Erfurt, in the centrum of Thuringia, which they also call " the green heart Germany" Erfurt is one of the oldest city of the republic. It has a beautiful old historical old town, with many attractive attractions, like the Dome or Krämerbridge. Erfurt is worth a trip at any season and we hope, that we could make you a little curious of our city.

1988, we have bought our very first persian kitten. Already very soon it was clear, that this would be not our last kitten. Only a little time later we brought for our kitten a little playmate and she was certainly not happy about it but already very soon they got along just great and became unseperable. It was a joy watch them play and querreling.

Slowly but surely we got the desire to race our own little kitten and the idea of a hobby breed was born.

By all means, at that time we had no idea yet how hard it could be but within the time we managed just fine and we never regreated our decision. On the contrary, they are a big part of our life. That is how it started with our kitten and up to now we are still doing it with enthusiasm. Some say, that we are "Catfans" and exactly that, is what we are.

If you got curious, or you got questions about cats don`t hesitate to contact us.We have a breed of Himalayan`s and Persians of special colors specialized. On the following pages we would like to introduce you to our Sweethearts. You will find  photos and links to other pages.

If you are looking for a kitten just mail or contact us.

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